March Beginners Airbrush Course 2 Day 30th & 31st March 2016

March Beginners Airbrush Course 2 Day 30th & 31st March 2016
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Have fun and learn on our very intensive 2 day beginners course.

Why is our beginners course a 2 day course?

It is our belief that you cannot learn enough in a 1 day course to enable you to retain sufficient knowledge, yes we know the course may help you remember but nothing replaces creating muscle memory with an instructor standing over you watching over you.

Why are there only 4 places per course?

As you're a beginner you need as much attention as is physically possible so we limit the number of pupils to 4 per course to give you the maximum amount of time with your Tutor.

Who is ths tutor on the Beginners Course?

Del runs the beginners and the 2 day custom paint courses, but we're hoping to host international airbrush artists on a regular basis to keep your creativity fresh and exciting.

How artistic do I need to be?

To use an airbrush you don't need to be artistic at all, we show you how to take a reference picture or elements of a picture combine them with other images to complete your design. We've actually had young students that have just done "O" and "A" level art actually say they've learnt more artistic techniques in 2 days than they ever did at school. This is because we simplify every technique because we're commercial artists we strive to find quicker and better ways of doing things. This is another reason why Del still taks the odd commission on this keeps him fresh.

Once you get your head around the design aspect then the rest then is all about the techiques and skills that you will be developing. They all start with the fundamentals of controlling your airbrush understanding the viscosities of your paint and the air pressures...

What will I learn on the 2 day beginners course?

First of all, it doesn't matter what skill level you're at, so don't worry if you don't know which end of an airbrush the paint comes out of!! All we require from you is confidence in yourself, if you want to learn then you will.

Our classes are purposely kept small so more individual attention is guaranteed.
All materials used on the course are provided, you may wish to bring with you a small notepad just to jot down some of the many tips that that we will be sharing with you throughout your day.

The 2 Day Airbrush Course...

We have put together an intense 2 day airbrush course specifically aimed at people who want to learn how to airbrush with no knowledge of an airbrush and little or no artistic ability!

You will learn:

  • What equipment you need from compressors to airbrushes, the different types of paints used and why, troubleshooting when things go wrong, how to maintain and customise your airbrush:

The course covers the following topics:

  • Different Airbrush Types
    • Single Action vs Dual Action
    • Gravity Feed vs Side Feed vs Syphon Feed
    • External mix vs Internal mix
    • How important is the needle/nozzle size when selecting and using an airbrush
  • Airbrush Fault finding and fixing
    • Is it the airbrush?
    • Bent needles, how do they affect the performance?
    • Faulty fluid nozzle, how can you recognise a fault?
    • Blocked?
      • What happens when it’s blocked and how do you find it?
    • Faulty O ring?
      • What does it do?
    • Is it the paint?
      • Too thin?
      • Too thick?
      • How can you tell?
    • Is it the airbrush?
      • How can you tell?
  • Paint technology
    • Solvent vs Waterbased
    • Health & Safety when storing, mixing and applying the paint
    • What is the difference between Opaque, Transparent, Candy?
    • When should I use opaque, transparent or candies?
    • Why are candies so popular?
    • What should I know about candies?
    • How do I mix the paint? 
  • Learning how to control the airbrush
    • Getting the air pressure correct
    • Getting the paint viscosity correct
    • Holding it correctly
    • Why is paint spattering?
    • What’s a freak drop and what causes it?
  • Mr Myagis (Dels) method of learning airbrush control
    • If you’ve airbrushed before - clear out those bad habits
    • If you’ve never touched an airbrush before, learn properly from the beginning.
    • Our techniques teach you how to be able to self critique your control and techniques, 
    • You will have a minimum of 6 hours of practicing techniques before moving onto your practice piece.
  •  Practice piece
    • Apply all the control techniques and knowledge into practice
    • Learn how to prepare your object prior to applying the artwork
    • Learn how to use images around you and compile them into your artwork
    • Learn how to resize your design to fit on any size object
    • Learn when and how to make and use stencils both self and non adhesive
    • Learn how to make and use loose masks
    • Learn how to and when to apply light and shade to achieve the desired effect
    • Learn the difference between opaque and transparent paint and when and how to use them.

As we said earlier there are a maximum of 4 students in each class.

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