Advanced Custom Motorcycle Painting by Dave Perewitz Softback Book

Advanced Custom Motorcycle Painting by Dave Perewitz Softback Book
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The subject of custom painting is always important for the simple reason that motorcycle owners can't leave their bikes alone, and do not want their bike to look like all those other bikes in the parking lot. The first thing most motorcycle owners do with a new bike is to make it their own, with chrome accessories, new sheet metal, and unique paint. The easiest way to make a bike stand out in a crowd is with a nice custom paint job.

The book is timely and important because people want to learn how to apply custom paint themselves, without having to pay someone else two to five thousand dollars for a candy job or really nice set of flames buried under multiple clearcoats.

The other reason this book is important is because of the nature of modern paint. Though the urethanes are more durable than anything used before, they are expensive and can be toxic, so correct use of the materials is more important than ever.

This book is the only how-to-paint book that includes specific directions and tips from Dave Perewitz. It is also the only book that will include a side bar and interview with paint experts from PPG Paint, discussing not only the newest materials, but also how to use them to best effect.