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Candy Concentrate

Candy Concentrate


Candy Intensifier "Concentrate" brings you the ultimate custom finish. Candy Intensifier are used to richen any of our Candy range. Candy Intensifier "Concentrate" are perfect for motorcycles or small parts when speed is a factor. 

You can add the Candy Intensifier directly to our Intercoat Clear & our Show Clear - remember though they will still need to be "Clear Coated" with pure clear.

There are 14 Candy Intensifier  "Concentrate" colours:

 * Yellow Candy  * Gold Candy  * Fools Gold Candy  * Orange Candy  * Cherry Red Candy  * Red Candy  * Deep Red Candy  * Ruby Red Candy  * Apple Green Candy  * Moss  Green Candy  * Blue Candy  * Royal Blue Candy  * Brown Candy  * Black Candy

Never add more than 10% Candy Concentrate to your base product as this increase the chance of "Colour Bleed"

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