Hi Line Series

Hi Line Series

Introducing The Iwata High Line Series

Featuring the ultimate in air control directly at the nozzle with Iwata's new Micro Air Control (MAC) Valve, the Hi-Line Series doesn't just change the air pressure instantly - it changes the way you airbrush. Click here for more information on Iwata airbrushes.

The Micro Air Control (MAC) Valve enables tiny tweaks of the air flow right where your hands are working without having to move away to your compressor regulator, which only allows much cruder adjustments in comparison.

Lets users spray a coarse stippling effect to full atomisation with a quick turn

For fine line or detail work, it can be adjusted to create the optimum airflow for maximum control of the paint output

By fully opening the MAC Valve, the airbrush can quickly be cleaned during colour changes or for wide background spraying.

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