Iwata Revolution TR1 Airbrush

Iwata Revolution TR1 Airbrush
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Iwata Revolution TR1 Airbrush (IW-RV-TR1) (13409710)

The new innovative Iwata Revolution TR1 airbrush features a pistol trigger that is comfortable and smooth. It comes with a free pistol grip filter, which makes a comfortable hand-rest and is also your last line of defence against moisture. The ergonomic, balanced handle makes for easy, level spraying.

With the Revolution TR, you will have the full control over your paint spraying just like conventional airbrushes, but with the feel and comfort of a spray gun. The TR is therefore great for automotive graphics or mural painting for those who are used to using a spray gun.

The Revolution TR1 has a 0.3mm nozzle. Also available is the Revolution TR0 with 0.2mm nozzle and the Revolution TR2 with 0.5mm nozzle. All three models come with a side-mount colour cup. You may also use Iwata side-mounted bottles and cups, available separately in various sizes from 1/16oz to 2oz.

Now available to fit the Iwata Revolution TR is the new K200 Custom Grip Handle. This ergonomic design will add even more comfort whilst holding your trigger airbrush. Also available to fit all Iwata airbrushes is the K250 External MAC Valve, which offers infinite control of airflow at the airbrush. This will allow the airbrush to spray anything from a coarse stippling effect, to a full atomisation with a simple quick turn.

The Revolution TR1 is excellent for these applications:

Custom Automotive Graphics
Mural Painting
Model Painting
Hobby and Craft
Body Art

The Revolution TR1 features:

Side-feed with 1/4oz (7ml) cup
0.3mm nozzle
Fine detail to 1" (0.3mm to 25mm) spray pattern with the one size nozzle
Unique pistol trigger
Free Pistol Grip Moisture Filter
Ergonomic handle design

The Revolution TR is excellent for these applications: 

- Custom Automotive Graphics 
- Mural Painting 
- Model Painting 
- Textiles 
- Hobby and Craft 
- Body Art 
- Cosmetics 

Featuring a uniquely designed Pistol Trigger with a fixed dual-action operation, the Iwata Revolution TR Airbrushes deliver comfortable, ultra-smooth performance that's ideal for custom automotive painting. 

It can be equipped with the new FA450 Iwata Pistol Grip Filter (sold seperately) that acts as a superior defense against moisture, the HP-TR1 and HP-TR2 give total control over paint and spray just like conventional airbrushes. 

Their designs offer the same comfort and feel that's typical of a larger spray gun. Each is impervious to solvent-based paints thanks to the Teflon packing needle seal, which can be easily replaced.

The HP-TR1 (0.3mm) comes with a 1/4 oz. side-mount color cup, while the HP-TR2 (0.5mm) sports a 1/2 oz. side-mount cup.

Ergonomic, balanced handle makes for easy, level spraying.

The Optional FA450 Pistol Grip Filter can be used with the 1oz. and 2oz. side-mount bottle sets (all sold separately).

Airbrush Specification
Needle/Nozzle Size 0.30 mm
Trigger Action Dual Action (Pistol)
Mix Type Internal Mix
Paint Feed Type Side Feed
Cup Size 1/4 oz., 7 ml
Air Control Valve No Mac Valve
Handle Type Ergonomic handle design, No Cutaway, No Preset