LPH 80 Detail Spray Gun by Anest Iwata

LPH 80 Detail Spray Gun by Anest Iwata
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The LPH 80 compact Spray gun is designed for small panels and areas typically Smart Repairs, painters that paint small parts, panels or the discerning hobbyist that paints motorcycle helmets, motorcycle panels, guitars you name it.

The LPH 80 is one of the only true smart repair guns on the market today, and the most popular by far.

Smart repair, what is it? it is the repair of paintwork with the minimal amount of necessary area repaired - Smart, Localised repair.

THE LPH 80 combines both Airbrush and Spraygun Technology

Capable of producing a Pen Line to 3" full line fan pattern - NOT centre wet.

There are no servie kits available for this gun as there are no consumable items required. Spares are available but only for where damage has occurred due to accidents, etc.

This is a true HVLP spray gun, capable of spraying at as little as 3 p.s.i.!!

Due to the low PSI there are no halo effect when repairing metallic surfaces as the paint isn't blown out when applying.

It features numbered references on the control knobs for quick set up, where speed is of the essence.

To avoid contamination of your paint, we strongly recommend you have seperate guns for base coat and clear coat and also for water and solvent.

So if you use both water and solvent base coats you will need to guns and another for clear coating. We also will give you an extra discount if you order 3 guns as well.

Our most popular model is the 1.2mm and can used for all purposes when appropriately thinned.

Are you looking to replace your entire range of sprayguns? if so how would you like a demonstration of the Anest Iwata sprayguns on your premises at your convenience? Contact us to arrange a demonstration. 

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Watch out for our video review of this nice little spraygun.