ChromaCoat Base

ChromaCoat Base

Chromacoat Shifting effect changes colour right before your eyes. Chromacoat finishes are based on the revolutionary ChromaFlair® Colour shifting colorants. 

These are unique colorants that offers previously unattainable colour performance, they actually change colour depending on the angle from which they are viewed. More than just a subtle variation in shade, the colour undergoes an almost magical transformation in appearance. 

On rounded curved surfaces and sharp angles will highlight the magical appearance of Chromacoat.

The unique colour range:

  • Chromacoat Silver - Shifts from Silver - Greens - Purple
  • Chromacoat Cyan - Shifts from Cyan - Purple - Red - Orange
  • Chromacoat Green - Shifts from Green - Blue - Red - Orange
  • Chromacoat Blue - Shifts from Blue - Purple - Red
  • Chromacoat Gold - Shifts From Gold - Silver

ChromaCoat is available in 100ml, 1 litre, Aerosol1 litre kit and 3 litre kits... making them available to any artist and painter for any size item

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