Chrome FX

Chrome FX

Deception Chrome™ Coating can give you an outstanding Chrome/Mirror effect with up to 98% reflectivity of real chrome plating. Deception Chrome is a the most reflective coating available and is easy to apply without any special equipment. It can be applied with any high quality paint gun and dries instantly into a brilliant, mirror-like finish.

Deception Chrome can be applied with almost any type of spray equipment from airbrushes to full size HVLP guns. Deception Chrome goes a long way; it is sprayed at 20-40psi with 10-15% volume exiting the spray gun. Just mist it over the surface until you have a even deposition. 

To achieve the highest mirror-like reflectivity lies in the surface preparation of the object you are painting. The smoother, more "glass-like" your surface is, the more reflective the final appearance will be.

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