W200 Transparent Base 60ml

W200 Transparent Base 60ml
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W200 Transparent Base : colorless binder base to Wicked Colors.  Use as a protective inter-coat or mix to colors over-reduced with W100 to thicken mix without losing transparency.  W200 Transparent Base works great when mixed in conjunction with W100 Reducer to create very transparent colors with excellent line control and sprayability with any airbrush type and PSI settings.  W200 may be added in any amount to colors and does not affect shelf-life after mixing.


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Although Auto Air Colors and Wicked Colors are ultra-low V.O.C., the user or any persons who may be exposed to the airborne particulates are required to wear a NIOSH / MSHA approved respirator. Protect from contact with skin or eyes. Use standard safety and handling procedures to minimize potentials hazards.