Custom Series Candy Concentrate

Custom Series Candy Concentrate
Custom Series Solvent Candy Concentrate
For Rich, Deep Candy Finishing, our candy concentrates are everything you need for that deep lustre of a candy finish
How do they Work?
1) prepare the desired amount of custom-series transparent base or mixed Clearcoat (eg 100ml)
2) stirring all the time, add upto 20% candy concentrate to the transparent base. (eg 30ml)
3) Stir Well and you are ready to spray.
We recommend using 5% 10% and 20% mixing ratios, the colours shown in the images are in a 10% mixing ratio for optimum performance, (100ml transparent base - 10ml candy concentrate)
For long lasting rich candy finishes we recommend protecting your paintwork with our 2k Crystal Clearcoat
to gain optimum UV resistance