Grey High Build Primer 2k 2 Pack Kit

Grey High Build Primer 2k 2 Pack Kit
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2K (2 Pack) High Build Primers are a high quality two-component extra build / easy sand acrylic urethane primer with excellent build, colour holdout and durability. Available in 3 colours: grey, white and black which can be blended to make different shades of grey.


2K High Build Primers can be used on the following substrates:

  • OEM primer
  • GRP / fiberglass
  • Epoxy primer surfacer
  • Polyester putties
  • Etch primer
  • Existing finishes in good condition


The mixing ratio:

4 part High Build Primer
1 part Activator Catalyst Solution

this kit makes 1 and a 1/4 times the listed volume. so a 1 litre kit will make 1 1/4 litres of High Build Primer.

Mix ratio is 4 : 1 which means it is 4 part Primer to 1 part activator solution, for example...

400ml of High Build Primer would require 100ml of activator. If you're in any doubt about how to mix them, check our mixing cups out, they're a really simple means of mixing - thoroughly stir the paint to ensure all pigments are mixed together find the 4 : 1 measure on the side of the cup then simply add the amount of base to the volume you require then add the D-thinner to relevant marker on the cup, finally give the contents a thorough stir to ensure all is well mixed. That's it job done.

It has a 12 month shelf life from purchase.

Storage: Highly Flammable liquid, store and use in accordance with the flammable liquid regulations.