About The Custom Paint Shop

We supply all types of Custom Paints - candies paints, chameleon flip paints, metallic paints specialist pearl effect paints, metallics paints, iridescent paints, metal flake paints and dry metal flake, ice and crystal effects, dry pearls, flip paints also known as colour changing or chameleon paints, also available ready for your airbrush straight out of the bottle. All these enable you to create the most amazing finishes you can ever possibly imagine. 


Add to all the amaziing specialist paint / custom paint finishes, we also teach how to airbrush and custom paint with our in house courses / classes run by ourselves and other internationally renowned and extremely talented airbrush artist and custom painters.


Iwata airbrushes, RichPen airbrushes, Mike Learn Airbrushes, Devilbiss airbrushes, Airbrush stencils, skull stencils, texcture stencils, essential freehand stencils, airbrush books, custom painting books, airbrush dvd's, custom painting dvd's, true fire dvd's, demo / pratice panels, paint preperation products, paint polishing products there's just so much we want to help you with.


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If you are in the market for custom paint for your vehicle be it custom car, custom motorcycle, custom or retro scooter, one off custom helmet, dragster, lowrider, custom chop, even a custom Raleigh Chopper - then you've come to the right place.


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Del, Sharron & Team