Airbrush Series Waterbased Paint

Airbrush Series Waterbased Paint

The Airbrush Series is a range of products designed for the airbrush artist directly from the The Airbrush Academy.

We produce
and other innovative tools for the artist.

Why are the prices so low?
There are no middle men, you are getting your products direct from the source so you get the very best value for money

The Airbrush Series range of colours are specifically designed and formulated for airbrush use. They are perfect for use on a multi-surface application including 

Custom Automotive 
Illustration Board 
Synthetic papers 

The specially selected colours are designed to work straight from the bottle and for times when you need the ultimate control our Performance thinner is supplied to give you the performance and control you need. 

These colours make colour matching easier with our selected hues to balance out your colour mixing and control the saturation you need for those important full colour paintings

We have two paint types for you to choose from depending on your preferred paint, we have our waterbased line,  and our solvent based line,