Inspire H2o Metallics

Inspire H2o Metallics

The Base Metallic's have exceptionally high coverage, are easy to spray and possess high vertical stability with good flow characteristics. They can be simply topcoated or used as a basecoat for our Transparents, Liquid, Passion or any of our other effect coatings.

If you've heard about them, then you know that they're taking the Airbrush Community by Storm - a UK manufactured waterbased airbrush paint at a very competitve price. 

Well that's not the only reason why people are moving to them in their droves. the reasons are... That they flow extremely well, give very littlle tip dry, and depending upon you're prefered viscosity and air pressures they can be put directly into your airbrush and use - Hassle Free. 

Every Inspire Airbrush Range product (both Solvent & Waterbased) are ready to spray straight out of the bottle, making them a very cost effective way for you to paint small jobs such as Helmets or Guitars.  

You can also use them for spraying test panels first, what better way to determine the final colour scheme for your paintwork. 

About the manufacturer: Custom Paints Ltd formerly known as Specialist Paints Ltd, is the UK's number 1 for manufacturing custom & special effect paints and fast becoming a world leader in this field, supporting tv shows MTV's "Pimp My Ride UK" and Discovery's "Chop Shop". They have a full range of Custom Paints including, Candy's, Metal Flakes, Flip Paints, Chrome Paint, Luminous Paint, Glow in the Dark, Pearl Effect Paints and Heat sensitive Paints. We are the only UK distributor offering their complete range of Solvent & waterbased products. 

We are the only UK distributor offering their complete range of Solvent & Waterbased products.

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