Com-Art Airbrush Paint Kit G Opaque / Transparent

Com-Art Airbrush Paint Kit G Opaque / Transparent
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As this set contains the primary colours in both opaque and transaprent, this set is ideal to test the paints before you start collecting the full range of colours.

The set colours consist of the following...

  • Com-Art Opaque Black 1oz (28 ml)
  • Com-Art Opaque White 1oz (28 ml)
  • Com-Art Opaque Ultramarine 1oz (28 ml)
  • Com-Art Opaque Hansa Yellow 1oz (28 ml)
  • Com-Art Opaque Toluedene Red 1oz (28 ml)
  • Com-Art Transparent Black 1oz (28 ml)
  • Com-Art Transparent Royal Blue 1oz(28ml)
  • Com-Art Transparent Bright Yellow 1oz (28ml)
  • Com-Art Transparent Bright Red 1oz(28ml)
  • Com-Art Transparent Violet 1oz (28 ml)

Com-Art™ water-based acrylic colours are non-toxic and specifically formulated to be ready-to-use in your airbrush, without the need for thinning, filtering or straining.

Opaque colours:

Rich, dense shades that spray smoothly and resist clogging. These colours are heavily pigmented with the finest ground pigments for smooth spraying and accurate four-colour separation.

Transparent colours:

Using the same formulation as the opaque Com-Art colours, the transparents are non-fading, pigmented colours, which can be intermixed with the opaques or sprayed over the top for glazing.

Com-Art colours are excellent for these applications:

  • Fine Art
  • Illustration
  • Resin-cast figure model painting
  • Craft applications like scrapbooking

Professional artists choose Com-Art colours because of their museum-quality lightfast longevity. They dry instantly to a matte finish, which is especially good for precise colour matching. Plus, opaque and transparent colours can be intermixed without any colour bleeding or show-through problems. Com-Art colours offer tremendous versatility, superior atomization and breathtaking results.