Iwata Custom Micron CM-B Airbrush

Iwata Custom Micron CM-B Airbrush
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Iwata Custom Micron CM-B Airbrush (IW-CM-B) (13407500)

The Custom Micron Series now come in a smart new red metal case with a FREE pistol grip moisture filter.

The Custom Micron Series are for the elite professional who demands precise and accurate control of very detailed airbrushing. These airbrushes are reputed to be the best - the flagship of Iwata airbrushes. The special matched head systems are hand fitted, adjusted and retested until the spray characteristics are perfect, giving superb atomisation and incredible control.

The CM-B has a 0.18mm needle and nozzle and a 1/16oz (1.8ml) gravity cup.

The CM-B is excellent for these applications:

  • Illustration
  • Fine Art
  • Nail Art
  • Photo Retouching
  • Figurines/Miniatures

The CM-B features:

  • 0.18mm nozzle for the finest detail
  • Hand-fitted and tested matched head system
  • Gravity-feed with 1/16oz (1.8ml) cup
  • Dual-action
  • Internal-mix
  • Ultra fine detail to 3/4" (0.18mm to 20mm) spray pattern
  • Removable head assembly for easy cleaning
  • Easy roll top trigger
  • Body cut-out for easy adjustment of needle packing and lubrication
  • Pre-set adjustment handle
  • Crown cap
  • Highly polished, hardened stainless-steel needle for exceptionally smooth transition from detail to mid-range spraying

The CM-B has the option to change to a 0.23mm head system for greater coverage and medium paints. To retain the ultimate performance of your Custom Micron, Iwata recommend that you fit a complete matched head system or, if you require a replacement nozzle only, that you send your airbrush in for a technical expert to fit a replacement nozzle.

With a fine nozzle like the 0.18mm nozzle of the CM-B, be careful to use paints with fine pigment and suitably thinned, as heavier pigments and higher viscosity paints can cause blockages. As a guide, thin paints to a milky consistency. 

If you have a query whether a particular paint is suitable for a particular airbrush, please contact us.


Airbrush Specification
Needle/Nozzle Size 0.18 mm
Trigger Action Dual Action (Top)
Mix Type Internal Mix
Paint Feed Type Gravity Fed (Fixed)
Cup Size 1/16 oz. 1.8 ml
Air Control Valve No MAC Valve
Handle Type Trigger Pre Set knob for ultimate control