2 Day Custom Paint Course Gift Voucher

2 Day Custom Paint Course Gift Voucher
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Give your loved one a special gift - this excellent 2 day beginners course will set them on the right path from day one.

The 2 day beginners custom paint course has been designed to provide the beginner and novice alike to create awesome finishes.
We are assuming that you know the basic airbrush control techniques, this may have been on our 2 day beginners course or self tuition. You must be able to control basic dots and daggers.







Learn how to create a 3 dimensional chequered flag

  • Covering how colour choices effect the designs
  • Different ways to create the chequered flag
  • Creating the 3 dimensional effect

Learn how to create this stunning effect known as "marblising"

  • How to use waterbased paints
  • Which paints create the best effects
  • How to use this effect for mural backdrops etc.

Learn how to create this amazing effect known as "Krystal FX"

  • Using different coloured back grounds to create cool murals
  • Create ice effects
  • learn to create different pattern types

Learn how to create Traditional Hot Rod Flames 

  • There are many techniques to create traditional hot rod flames
  • Learn at least 3 of the ways
  • Learn how to create them with and without pinstripes
  • Learn what makes a "professional flame


Day 2 Turning up the Heat!

Learn the techniques to create this very popular effect

  • How to create true/realistic fire
  • How to create different coloured fire
  • How to put images into the true/realistic fire

How to create the original coloured True/Realistic Fire

  • The true/realistic fire technique is extremely popular excellent to use to pull designs together over a whole project.
  • Learn the colours used
  • Learn the colour sequences
  • Learn the design sequences

Learn how to create True/Realistic Fire in different colours

  • True/Realistic fire looks so cool in different colours
  • Learn the colours used
  • Learn the colour sequences
  • Learn the sequences to get the best effect

Learn how to work images into your flames

  • We will walk through a typical fire design on a motorcycle
  • You will learn how to think about the not just the "localised" fire but in context with the entire project
  • Learn how to create the extra wow factor into the design making it stand out on closer inspection


Turn up the heat on your artwork!

  • Are you ready to get cooking?...

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