Deception Chrome Custom Paint

Deception Chrome Custom Paint
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Deception Chrome™ Coating can give you an outstanding Chrome/Mirror effect with up to 98% reflectivity of real chrome plating. Deception Chrome is a the most reflective coating available and is easy to apply without any special equipment. It can be applied with any high quality paint gun and dries instantly into a brilliant, mirror-like finish.

Deception Chrome can be applied with almost any type of spray equipment from airbrushes to full size HVLP guns. Deception Chrome goes a long way; it is sprayed at 20-40psi with 10-15% volume exiting the spray gun. Just mist it over the surface until you have a even deposition. 

To achieve the highest mirror-like reflectivity lies in the surface preparation of the object you are painting. The smoother, more "glass-like" your surface is, the more reflective the final appearance will be.

Chrome is available in bottles 100ml, 250ml, 500ml (1/2 litre), 1 litre, and aerosol - simply select the bottle size you require from the Drop Down menu.

Application Guide:

  • Apply a Black Basecoat.
  • Allow the basecoat to fully dry 45 minutes and now you’re ready to apply the topcoat 2k lacquer. (If your surface already has a glass like finish, move to Step 4.)
  • Apply 2 coats of lacquer and allow to dry.NOTE: We Recommend you to wait 36 Hours for all of the tail solvents to evaporate before you can proceed to Step 4. You can now sand and buff if necessary to remove any surface imperfections, you will need to be sure to remove all compounds and wax residues with rubbing alcohol to insure a streak-free surface prior to applying the Chrome.
  • Begin applying 2-4 coats of Chrome using a dusting effect, a very small volume of material with a substantial amount of air. If you are using an HVLP gun you should be around 20 psi otherwise use whatever the recommended air pressure is for your gun, remembering to keep the material volume very low.
  • Between Coats use a very soft lint-free cloth and carefully remove all of the excess "dust" from the surface every time, when you complete this step you will notice a improvement in the appearance. When you have finished applying our Chrome coating use a very soft clean lint-free cloth, soak the cloth with clean warm water and carefully wash the object to remove all of the excess "dust" from the surface. Once you complete this step you will notice a improvement in the final appearance.
  • Allow the Chrome to Air dry 30 minutes or Bake 140° F for 15 minutes). Be sure all moisture is removed prior to moving on to the next step.
  • You will now apply our 1k Clear-coat to the Chrome to "seal" and allow to dry. (Air dry 60 minutes / Bake 140° F for 15 minutes). We recommend our 1k clear as it itsn't as agressive as the 2k and therefore doesn't "pit" the surface of the chrome that typically reduces reflectivity.
  • Apply the 2k Clear-coat and allow to dry, If you are applying this to a object that will be handle frequently or exposed to the elements you will want to apply our 2k Clear-coat.

Custom Paints Ltd formerly known as Specialist Paints Ltd, is the UK's number 1 for manufacturing custom & special effect paints and fast becoming a world leader in this field, supporting tv shows MTV's "Pimp My Ride UK" and Discovery's "Chop Shop". They have a full range of Custom Paints including, Candy's, Metal Flakes, Flip Paints, Chrome Paint, Luminous Paint, Glow in the Dark, Pearl Effect Paints and Heat sensitive Paints. We are the only UK distributor offering their complete range of Solvent & waterbased products.

We are the only UK distributor offering their complete range of Solvent & Waterbased products.

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