Reusable Dual Filter Respirator Mask One Size

Reusable Dual Filter Respirator Mask One Size
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This mask is primarily designed for use when sanding and base coating. We have customers that use this whilst spraying everything from primers, basecoats and even clear coats - we do not recommend this practice.

If you need a mask for clear coating then we recommend our Anest Iwata Airfed Mask.

Although the mask provides 38 hours of protection when used and not from when the pakaging is opened. This mask can be sealed in a plastic bag when not in use.

A1 Filter offers protection against ORGANIC VAPOURS resulting from the decomposition of living substances and oil derived products : gas, gasoil, high-aromatic solvents (ex. : White Spirit, cellulosed paints).

B1 Filter offers protection against INORGANIC VAPOURS and GASES (except carbon monoxyde) : chlorinated products, aliphatic solvents (polyurethane, isocyanates...).

P2 filter offers particle protection