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Spectracoat Prismatic Base

Spectracoat Prismatic Base

Spectracoat is a Prismatic tidal wave which creates alluring 3D iridescent colours that appear to move right before your eyes! Spectracoat looks like liquid silver in low light and a flowing liquid silver rainbow in bright light.

Rounded curved surfaces and sharp angles will highlight the magical appearance of Spectracoat. ( flip paint )

Spectracoat Colours:

  • Spectracoat Silver.
  • Spectracoat Pink.
  • Spectracoat Blue.
  • Spectracoat Purple.
  • Spectracoat Green.
  • Spectracoat Black.

Spectracoat is available in bottles 100ml500ml (1/2 litre), 1 litreaerosol1 Litre kit and 3 litre kits (see below for what's in the kits) - simply select the bottle size you require from the "Drop Down" menu.

The 100ml bottles are part of the "Inspire" range and ready to use straight from the bottle desgined for airbrush artists, whilst the 500ml & 1 litre bottles will need reducing with D-thinners @ 2 : 1 ratio.

Spectracoat Kits:

Spectracoat 3 litre Kit: Amazing Value!!!

  • 3 litres of Base coat (Any Colour)
  • 3 litres of Spectracoat
  • 3 Litres of D-Thinner
  • 3 litre 2k Lacquer Kit (includes Activator)

Spectracoat 1 litre Kit: Amazing Value!!!

  • 1 litre of Base coat (Any Colour)
  • 1 litre of Spectracoat
  • 1 Litre of D-Thinner
  • 1 litre 2k Lacquer Kit (includes Activator)

Application Guide:

Spectracoat is easy to apply and can even be applied by an airbrush, The colour of the base coat will very the amount of coats it will require obtaining the best results. For best results use a grey or silver but using different colours will give you a real custom effect. Spectracoat can also mixed with our other product Candy,Shimmer,Sparkle, Crystal etc.

  • Start by prepping your project as you would any other paint job. (Sand, Prime, etc.)
  • Apply 2-3 coats of Base coat leaving 10-15 minutes between coats.
  • Mix Spectracoat 2-1 with D-Thinner and stir well.
  • Apply Spectracoat 2-4 coats depending on the effect you desire. Leave 10-15 minutes between coats. (Always spray test panels before spraying you product or project)
  • Apply Show Clear 2k Clearcoat for a really deep gloss

Custom Paints Ltd formerly known as Specialist Paints Ltd, is the UK's number 1 for manufacturing custom & special effect paints and fast becoming a world leader in this field, supporting tv shows MTV's "Pimp My Ride UK" and Discovery's "Chop Shop". They have a full range of Custom Paints including, Candy's, Metal Flakes, Flip Paints, Chrome Paint, Luminous Paint, Glow in the Dark, Pearl Effect Paints and Heat sensitive Paints. 


We are the only UK distributor offering their complete range of Solvent & Waterbased products.

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Spectracoat is a Prismatic tidal wave which creates alluring 3D iridescent colours that appear to mo..
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