WS-400 Evo Spray Gun by Anest Iwata includes Free Air Gauge

WS-400 Evo Spray Gun by Anest Iwata includes Free Air Gauge
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The Flagship Base & Clear Coat spraygun from Anest Iwata - Please Call for Daily Deals Special Pricing on this product

If you're looking for the ultimate gun for your business, then this awesome spraygun is for you.

Quick overview of th gun...

  • It is the very latest version of the WS-400 Evolution - Fist brought to market in 2000.
  • One of the lightest guns on the market today.
  • Designed by Pininfarina - Very ergonomic and well balanced design providing comfort for heavy use.
  • No primary working parts such as trigger pins etc, everything is wthin the main trigger mechanism.
  • No spare parts to the gun required.
    • No membranes or washers to wear due to the micron manufacture tolerances.
  • Full fan pattern, complete coverage across the fan not centre wet
  • 4 V grooves in the nozzle literally cut the paint into 4 micronic droplets that then get completely atomised across the entire fan pattern.
  • First in class for its width of fan pattern
    • Benefits of Full Fan Pattern
      • No Overloading of paint in a specific area that centre wetting causes,
      • Changes the way the gun applies the paint and not painter changing the way he paints.
  • Absolutely fantastic for applying metallics, due the even way it applies the paint, with minimum drop coats requried if at all.
  • Suitable for waterbased & solvent based paints
  • Suitable for base coat and clear coating
    • We stock 3 set ups.
      • Base Cost Gold Knobs 1.3mm OBS Optimised Basecoate Setting
      • Clear Coat Chrome Knobs 1.3 HD High Delivery
      • Multi Purpose can be Gold or Chrome Knobs 1.4mm Std. 
  • Requires 12.5 cfm to operate to its best performance
  • Recommended pressure under normal application 28/29 psi (2 Bar)

To avoid contamination of your paint, we strongly recommend you have seperate guns for base coat and clear coat and also for water and solvent.

So if you use both water and solvent base coats you will need to guns and another for clear coating. We also will give you an extra discount if you order 3 guns as well.

Please select the Needle/Nozzle set up required for your appropriate paint.

  • Base Cost 1.3mm OBS Optimised Basecoate Setting
  • Clear Coat 1.3 HD High Delivery
  • Multi Purpose 1.4mm Std.

Price includes a free Air Pressure Gauge

Are you looking to replace your entire range of sprayguns? if so how would you like a demonstration of the Anest Iwata sprayguns on your premises at your convenience? Contact us to arrange a demonstration. 


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